RTS2  0.9.4
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNrts2bbRTS2 BB Database API Copyright (C) 2012 Petr Kubanek petr@.nosp@m.kuba.nosp@m.nek.n.nosp@m.et
oNrts2camdCamera and CCD interfaces
oNrts2domeDome, copulas and roof controllers
oNrts2filterdFilter wheel and related classes
oNrts2focusdFocuser interface
oNrts2scriptExecutor client for camera with database backend
oNrts2sensordAbstract sensors, SensorWeather with functions to set weather state, and various other sensors
oNrts2teldTelescope interface and relating things (modelling, pointing, ...)
oC__huge_valf_tReplacement for isinf - on Solaris platform
oC_IBLOBVectorPropertyBLOB (Binary Large Object) vector property descriptor
oC_ILightVectorPropertyLight vector property descriptor
oC_INumberVectorPropertyNumber vector property descriptor
oC_ISwitchVectorPropertySwitch vector property descriptor
oC_ITextVectorPropertyText vector property descriptor
oC_tps534_statData read from Oak ADC
oCCFocusClientCommand-line fits writer
oCChannelInfoStructure for holding channel information
oCci_char_traitsCase ingore string traits operations
oCClientCameraScriptPrint on standard output image name when image has beed created
oCDeviceCommandExecute command on device
oCDeviceCountReturns number of devices connected to the system
oCDeviceInfoStructure used for storing device information
oCDeviceStateList device status
oCDeviceTypeGet device type
oCErrorGpibEnetFlagsInternal error, thrown when flags is not equal 0
oCFW102cThrolabs FW102c filter wheel
oCHorizonAppClass which will plot horizon from horizon file, possibly with commands for GNUPlot
oCHorizonEntryThis holds one value of the horizon file
oCHostStringRepresents hostname with possible port number
oCIBLOBOne Blob (Binary Large Object) descriptor
oCILightOne light descriptor
oCInfoValPrints pretty formate RTS2 values on output
oCINumberOne number descriptor
oCISwitchOne switch descriptor
oCITextOne text descriptor
oCLibnovaDateHolds date
oCLibnovaDateDoubleHolds date, which can be created from double in computer time
oCLibnovaDecDec class for DEC display
oCLibnovaDecJ2000Dec in J2000 coordinates
oCLibnovaDegAbstract degrees class
oCLibnovaDeg180Deg 0..180 class, used to display distance in degrees
oCLibnovaDeg360Deg 0..360 class, used to display RA and HA in degrees
oCLibnovaDeg90Deg -90..90 class, used tyo display DEC
oCLibnovaDeg90Comp90 deg comparsion
oCLibnovaDegArcMinDisplay degrees as arc min
oCLibnovaDegDistDisplay degrees as distance (scale between degrees, minutes and seconds dispaly)
oCLibnovaHAPrints pretty formated hour angle
oCLibnovaHaMHolds hours and minutes
oCLibnovaHrzHolds horizontal coordinates - altitude and azimuth - of an object
oCLibnovaPosHolds observer position on Earth (longitude and latitude)
oCLibnovaRaHolds RA of an target
oCLibnovaRaCompDistance in RA
oCLibnovaRaDecHolds RA and DEC of an object
oCLibnovaRaJ2000Holds target entered in J2000 coordinate system
oCListDevicesList name of devices connected to the server
oCListValuesList name of all values accessible from server
oCListValuesDeviceList name of all values accessible from server
oCMaxDomeIIMaxDome II Sirius driver
oCNIRatirClass to control NImotion drives
oCNMonCentralConnMake sure that command end is properly reflected
oCNMonConnMake sure that update of connection state is notified in monitor
oCNMonitorThis class hold "root" window of display, takes care about displaying it's connection etc
oCObjectCheckClass for checking, whenewer observation target is correct or no
oCobjectiveFunctionSortClass for elite sorting
oCParaValHolds paramount constant values
oCPercentageHolds and prints percentage
oCProgressIndicatorSend progress to ostream
oCRts2BckImageAppApplication class to move images from one media to the other
oCRts2ConnFwGrbSimple GRBD forwarder
oCRts2CountClass which hould information about one count
oCRts2DevPhotAbstract photometer class
oCRts2GrbForwardConnectionDefines forward connection
oCRts2InfoValOStreamPuts infoval to ostrem
oCRts2InfoValStreamClass for printing infoval
oCRts2NightCalculate from date night - e.g
oCRts2NightReportProduces night report output
oCRts2SchedBagClass which holds schedules
oCRts2SchedObsSingle observation class
oCRts2ScheduleObserving schedule
oCRts2ScheduleAppClass of the scheduler application
oCRts2SpiralCompute next spiral coordinates
oCRts2TargetThis abstract class defines target interface
oCRts2TargetAppBase of the target application
oCRts2UserAppApplication for user management
oCSessionMethodRepresents session methods
oCsortByMeridianPrioritySort by priority, and then west to east
oCsortByOutOfLimitsSort targets by time they set
oCsortQuedTargetByAltitudeSorting based on altitude
oCsortQuedTargetWestEastSort from westmost to eastmost objects
oCTargetAppClass for target application functions
oCTimestampProvides support timestamps obtained from DB
oCUserAppApplication for user management
oCXFitsImageClass holding a single channel image
oCXFocusClientX-focusing camera client class
oCXmlEmptyNodeError thrown when empty node, which should have content, is encoutered
oCXmlErrorError in Xml - either we cannot load it, or something is wrong in its structure
oCXmlMissingAttributeError thrown when we find a missing attribute
oCXmlMissingElementError thrown when elemant is missing in sequence
oCXmlStreamPrints variables to XML-RPC value
oCXmlUnexpectedAttributeError thrown when on unknow attribute
\CXmlUnexpectedNodeError thrown when unexpected node is encoutered