RTS2  0.9.4
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
oNrts2bbRTS2 BB Database API Copyright (C) 2012 Petr Kubanek petr@.nosp@m.kuba.nosp@m.nek.n.nosp@m.et
oNrts2camdCamera and CCD interfaces
oNrts2domeDome, copulas and roof controllers
oNrts2filterdFilter wheel and related classes
oNrts2focusdFocuser interface
oNrts2scriptExecutor client for camera with database backend
oNrts2sensordAbstract sensors, SensorWeather with functions to set weather state, and various other sensors
\Nrts2teldTelescope interface and relating things (modelling, pointing, ...)